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It is through your failures and adversity that you learn more about yourself and what you are made of.

Hey Trappers! Looking back on my last blog HAPPYHUMPDAY if you haven't read it girl go click that link. Anywho I was reflecting today and was just thinking about how I was so nervous to quit my job and focus on my business full time. When I say its time consuming its just that! Time consuming! But its very worth it.

I failed over and over before I started running my own business because I didn't know what I wanted to do. I knew I was into skincare and writing but I didn't know exactly what I want to sell or what I wanted to write about. My first blog ever, which was in 2016-2017 was called SmartGalSlim. I made my own logo which was my glasses. LOL so freaking cute. I wasn't sure of what I wanted to make of this blog so I would write about all types of stuff like the different journeys I would try and not go through with it LOL Like I tried this natural detox where you stop using deodorant for a month then start using natural deodorant and chlieeeee let me tell you. That shit was not for me. It made me musty even more. So I stopped writing about that and was on to something else.

I also would write about my workouts I did for that day. Which didn't last long because short after I found out I was pregnant with Karter.

Then I started writing about my thoughts I had already written down from out of my journals. Yes sis I still write in journals, WHO GONE CHECK ME lol

I change my mind on everything so much that I wanted to change it my website again until I was satisfied. SMH just dumb.


I ended up renaming SmartGalSlim to HelloGrowthGlow. Im not gone lie this was a waste of time because I ended up renaming and changing it again lol IDK if I had a logo for this blog lol This blog was more motivational of my life and goals I had set for myself and also diy's on homemade skincare products that I was using. My expectations were too damn high for this blog because I actually wanted to get paid for blogging. And thought I was going to get paid the fast way lol. ANND This is a website I paid someone to do which I appreciate it, but being the gemini I am I ended up changing it and redesigning it myself to more of my vision. And it turned out really cute.


TRAPANDGLOW! I can finally say my mind is set! I love the name, I love the logos ( Shout out to Kelsey Martin) I love the website, shout out to myself because I worked really hard on it. Even though this website was originally a blog its now a store for my business. I still want to keep my blog page active because I love writing and I want to continue to keep writing.

Failure has taught me to learn more about myself and I also learned whether what Im pursuing the most is worth it. So embrace failure because it pays off in the end.

Until next time, CHIO!

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