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Vlog #1.

Hey Trappers!

So some of y'all may know and some if y'all don't but ya girl went to Vegassssssss. ( to skip right to the video scroll down at the bottom) It was my first time going there and I was super super excited. I left for my plane flight Friday morning around 6 ( Feb. 26, 2021 ) and arrived to Las Vegas at 8am. Man that flight felt like the longest flight ever. We were only on the plane for 4 hours but it felt longer than that.

I put together a couple of videos and pictures I had captured, I had actually forgot to make sure I had everything recorded but I was having too much fun lol

When we arrived the first thing we did was pick up the rental. We had a 2019 white mustang. Droptop of course! But it was so damn cold that day it was no need for the droptop, but knowing how my boyfriend is he said we were going to get our moneys worth lol so droptop shawty we were lol in the cold. Since it was still early and check in wasn't until 11am we drove around a bit just to site see. It wasn't much to see though lol. I notice Vegas has NO grass. NONE AT ALL lol and besides the strip the city was looking a bit bare lol Im going to talk about the "highlights" of the trip just because I didn't get everything recorded.

11am- Check in at The Mirage Hotel

Walking in the place was be