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Hey Trappers!

So some of y'all may know and some if y'all don't but ya girl went to Vegassssssss. ( to skip right to the video scroll down at the bottom) It was my first time going there and I was super super excited. I left for my plane flight Friday morning around 6 ( Feb. 26, 2021 ) and arrived to Las Vegas at 8am. Man that flight felt like the longest flight ever. We were only on the plane for 4 hours but it felt longer than that.

I put together a couple of videos and pictures I had captured, I had actually forgot to make sure I had everything recorded but I was having too much fun lol

When we arrived the first thing we did was pick up the rental. We had a 2019 white mustang. Droptop of course! But it was so damn cold that day it was no need for the droptop, but knowing how my boyfriend is he said we were going to get our moneys worth lol so droptop shawty we were lol in the cold. Since it was still early and check in wasn't until 11am we drove around a bit just to site see. It wasn't much to see though lol. I notice Vegas has NO grass. NONE AT ALL lol and besides the strip the city was looking a bit bare lol Im going to talk about the "highlights" of the trip just because I didn't get everything recorded.

11am- Check in at The Mirage Hotel

Walking in the place was beautiful af. It was huge af. When you walk in there's nothing but slot tables. They had a lot of restaurants in the hotel too. But due to covid some of them weren't open. I loved the tropical theme they had in the inside it reminded me of a jungle. It took us atleast 5 mins to walk to the elevators to get up to our room. We were on the 17th floor. The room was igggghtttt I mean it didn't scream 4-star hotel but I guess.

Pepes Tacos

Y'all know I needed some tacos in my life because why the fuck not lol We went to this place called Pepes Tacos. We really wanted to try the Barria Tacos, got all the way up there and they didn't have it. What a damn buzz kill. So I just got my regular Steak Tacos with extra onions and cilantro.


This by far was the best weed dispensary I have went to while being down there. When you watch the video you'll see the tiktok I made on it. Y'all I was faded af frfr. I also went to Planet13. To me Planet13 was wayyyyy to expensive and they really didn't have much to choose from that I haven't already tried. Across the street was another weed dispensary called "the Reef" now that place reminded me of a trap house fr. lol Standing outside you could smell the loud. And they was pretty cheap.

The Strip

SOOO MUCH WALKING ! SOOO MUCH FUCKING WALKING! I honestly would not have mind walking but Y'all I didn't expect it to be cold af in Vegas. It was 50 degrees, on a good day it was like 65ish. The Strip was okay though. It was so much to do on the strip. So many food places to try and also alcoholic drinks on every corner. My favorite drink spot that kept taking my money was Breeze. Its similar to Fat Tuesdays, which I never got to try because 1, I couldn't find it and 2 Breeze was good af so I stuck with that.


What a nice experience I had but that shit was nerve wreaking. I kept looking down to make sure I wouldn't run over any big ass rocks. The instructor I had to follow was going way to damn fast lol. My glasses got lost in the mist of me driving the damn ATV. Would I do them again. Probably so.

Sugar Factory

SO OVERRATED! It was disgusting. The service was shit. lol I low-key felt bad my brother had his bday dinner at that trash ass place. Long story short my step dad went off on the server asked to speak for a manager and we got our meals for free.


This was a cool ass hangout spot. They had everything in there like a skating rink, bar, zip lining, restaurants, and all type of other shit.


This is where things get very exciting. So my man texted me and told me to be back at the hotel at 5pm because we were having dinner at 7pm. He had my cousin Mela ( She's a professional makeup artist @shemindblowin ) do my makeup. It was freezing outside so I couldn't wear the outfit that I really wanted to wear but I settled with a white corset top and my leather black pants and black boots with a pink shaggy jacket. Y'all so me and my man walking to where I thought we was having dinner at. We walk up to this oval looking stand and a man is like hurry hurry we were all waiting on you. you guys have to take your pictures. Im thinking like damn we always late to shit everyone already took they pictures. So the camera man has us do all these poses, then he says, "Now I want you guys to be back to back" im thinking like dude thats not about to be a good picture because my nigga is about big as a house and then there's my skinny ass lol so then he says, "Okay now face each other." When I turned around there my man was down on one knee with the ring extended in his hand waiting on the Queen to make her choice lol lol I felt like royalty y'all. I SAID YAAAASSSSS of course! lol You guys will get the full video of the proposal whenever I get it back. And also I ll have explain to y'all how everyone in my family kept this a secret from me since freaking January. lol And how things played out because shit got real lol

Room 17040

What was supposed to be a turn up turned into a turn down. So it was my cousins birthday. They turned 28! We were supposed to have a slumber party type vibe. We had matching pjs and they had got a cake. Y'all after the proposal dinner we were tired af lol We all had to pack our luggage because we were leaving for our flight the next morning. My cousins forgot we needed forks so me and my other cousin (@perfectsheis) walked all through the hotel looking for some place we could get some plastic forks. All the restaurants were closed. The bars didn't have any and we finally found a store that might looked like they had it but they said they were all out. We then found a convenient store that had forks but our dumb asses left our wallets up stairs. Y'all our feet was on FIRE. We couldn't do nothing but laugh through the pain. We went all the way back to the room to get our wallets went back downstairs and came back to the room and everyone was either sleep or going to sleep. lol Long story short we sang happy birthday ate the cake and went to bed lol.

Anyway enjoy this little video. Literally LITTLE SAMPLER video because I was having too much fun & recording was not on my mind like that lol. Ill put some pictures up from the trip as well.

Chio, Trappers!

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