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Billing and Payments

-TrapandGlow accepts payments via PayPal. Don't have PayPal? Its okay you can still type in your debit/credit card.  

What is TrapandGlow?

TrapandGlow is a natural/ vegan skincare products. Made with 100% natural ingredients to give you naturally soft supple skin.


Where Is TrapandGlow Made?

In the trap house of course! okay really not really lol. TrapandGlow products are made locally in Indiana. Using both local and international sourced natural and vegan ingredients.

Where Else Can I Buy TrapandGlow?

TrapandGlow is looking to be in other "Trap" establishments, such as Beauty Shops, Barber Shops, Hair Stores, Beauty Bars, Boutiques, Etc. BUT for now you can shop Online. 

TrapandGlow Available Contact Hours?

-10am-2:30pm Monday-Friday

TrapandGlow's CEO Bre will be available those hours via Text/Phone Calls. 

Anything after 2:30pm you will have to email

Does TrapandGlow Test on Animals?

Ewwww Hell No! TrapandGlow is Animal Cruelty Free. No chemicals or parabens. 

Can I Use The Products While Pregnant?

-Heck Yeah you can! In fact it's a must that you use the products. Im no doctor so if you want you can consult your doctor about it or take my word for it lol , as the CEO I used these products all throughout my pregnancy. 

Im Allergic To Nuts Is That A Problem?

Not at all. Shoot a email to and state what your allergic to and TrapandGlow will find an alternative. TrapandGlow products does contain Coconut oil & Almond Oil.

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