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Honest and open confession from a mom of 3 who is tired AF!

Hey Trappers, it is day 17/18 of Trapmas lol I told y'all the last time I was just going to blog when I have the time, and now that the boys are sleeping and I'm over here sipping on some wine I can sit and blog, I have time today!


do y'all every feel unmotivated, forgetful, or over worked? Shit, I do everyday lol Im a hot ass mess momma who is trying to get her life together. Having 3 kids can be a handful. For the readers who don't know me personally, I have 3 boys. My oldest (Kevin) is 6, my middle child (Karter) is 2, and the baby (Giovonni) is 3 months. My oldest son is loving, caring, quiet and reserved BUT sneaky af lol He's the child that will come and give me hugs for no reason and tell me he loves me. Karter is my wild child. He fights, and let things be known lol he will eat all day and will tell you what to do. But he's very concerning of me. He always ask me if I'm okay or do my stomach hurt lol my last child is filled with Joy. He's always smiling and laughing. He's very playful to be 3 months. But he can be a bit of a bug a boo when it comes to attention lol but most Virgos I know love attention. To better understand my kids I will read their zodiac signs so I will know how to approach them for certain situations or why they do or act certain ways. Kevin is a gemini, like me but I swear we are completely opposite lol he's more quite, goes with the flow, stay to hisself type of guy lol Karter is Aries smh thats why he's so hotheaded and Giovonni is a virgo which makes since due to his clingyness mommy daddy separation issues lol I was so certain that raising 3 kids wouldn't be as hard IDK why I thought that lol I guess I figured I had this mom thing figured out. YEAH THE FUCCCCK RIGHT! Im hit with sleepless nights, feedings after feedings. (My nipples are TIIIIRRREEEEDDD) attention seeking from ALL the boys, teaching, potty training, cooking, cleaning, and a whole lot of self sacrifice. But no matter how tired, stressed and exhausted I am I always find the joy in motherhood and I appreciate my boys 100% even though they be on bullshit. So with that being said, I have been really evaluating my life and I came up with a few life changing habits I can implement in my every day life.


Since Ive had Giovanni Ive been a bit of a night owl. Im usually the last one to go to sleep in the household. Im usually a early riser anyway but I'm talking about waking up around 5am, which Ive been doing that now for the last month. Usually my Boys will wake up around 7:15am on school days so by me waking up around 5am that gives me enough time to feed Giovonni (he usually wakes up to feed around 5) get orders finished, focus on my blogs, sage and manifest things without no interruptions.


My favorite time of the day. 12:30pm = NIGHT NIGHT or should I say NAP NAP! I make all my boys take naps. I feel naps are essential to a kid. And a must for me, I use they nap time as my quite time/ alone time. I have introvert ways so I need that time to recharge and unwind. Y'all my boys take long as naps too, not no 30-1hr type naps I'm talking 3 hours lol So I love when its time for nap because I can get things done without the demand these boys be wanting from me lol.


I went out and purchased a big ass calendar that I hung in my office space that I have to use everyday. This helps me keep things in order and get things done. Sometimes I think I over plan but the way my mind be running everywhere I have to over plan. That shit helps my sanity lol I also have a day planner where I jot a few things down like errands I have to run, appointments and buy running to do list. This also helps with my time management. If the boys have school\daycare I usually want to be finished with my work so when they come home they can have all my attention without me saying "hold on" "not right now" "maybe later". Because one thing I don't want to fall into doing is putting my work time over my boys time.

#4 GET CUTE!!!

Being a stay at home/work mom its easy for me to wear chill clothes all day and when I say chill clothes I'm talking one of my boyfriend big ass, "YUP IN MY WHITE TEE" tee shirts and some fuzzy socks. lol I noticed I feel better about myself when I do my hair, put my lashes on, get dressed nice just to sit at my work desk lol IDC IDC IDCA LOL I like to look cute sitting in the office. idk it just gives me an extra boost of motivation.

Welp y'all thats about all I got lol its currently 2:37am and my eyes are HEAVY REAL HEAVY lol Im tired lol so until next time Trappers, CHIO!

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