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Hey Trappers!

Happy Wednesday! I'm sitting at work watching Mission Juno- a documentary on Jupiter on Youtube thinking about how I just want to go home and lay in the bed. Ive been having the biggest writers block for some reason. Maybe because I have alot on my mind lately. So I want to share with you guys whats been on my mind, i literally want to quit my full time job! Yes I said it, I HATE IT HERE! lol

I just want to run my business full time and blog full time, but the thing about that is I'm afraid . I need to find a schedule that will actually help me make my own money on my own time being my own boss. Whew, I need a damn drink of wine or something because I'm stressed thinking about it. lol I have a little plan I just don't know how effective it will be. So before I make any decisions I need to think about HOW I want to make money from my blog and business. I know that usually bloggers make money by creating and selling their own stuff or promoting other people stuff. So what am I going to focus on? Well I have a business now as you know called TrapandGlow which is doing great so far thank you to all my buyers and supporters, but I also want to promote other people's stuff more so like doing sponsored posts, affiliate marketing or running ads on my site. I'm trying to give thought to my revenue stream options. When I first got into blogging I got into this business before I actually knew it was a business because I love writing I didn't think twice about getting paid for it, hell I didn't know you could get paid for it until this blogger told me about it. She told me the key to making money off blogs is that I need to write everyday. Im like damn everyday wtf lol is people gone read everyday? Seems like a lot, not for me but for my readers. But she informed me that Ill be shocked on how many people love to read a good blog and I don't have to post everyday but its just getting into the habit of putting content out there. She also let me know the content that I have already is great but me being me I want to put more out I want to do more. When I blog i create visuals for my blog to make them stand out and be different from other bloggers. I feel that brings more readers to my blog and more readers equals more authority, which means more potential readers, which means I get paid! It seems like everything is about branding. Branding helps grow your fanbase and people will recognize the images and will associate it with my blog. TrapandGlow will be everywhere lol T-shirts, sticker whatever. Someone also told me I need to start sharing my blogs on Pinterest. I never thought about that but literally everything is on Pinterest. I want to also engage with my audience an social media followers, I want to make a real connections with real people. On my instagram I try my hardest to engage with everyone by asking questions, doing polls you know the basic shit that's makes it easier for my to engage with people.