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how Covid 19 changed my goals.

2020 has been a year of excitement.

Hey Trappers! This is day 9 of Blogmas. Its currently 6:18am I'm sipping on this Khalula drink I seen off Pinterest. Its giving me mocha frappe vibes with a shot of liquor. I also have my sage next to me burning any negative energy that's going on. I figure since I have time this morning before the boys wake up I write what's on my mind.

2020 has been a curse and a blessing in my eyes. Reading my old posts and how I talk about all these goals I want to fulfill I simply had to chuckle at myself because ya girl was sure everything was going to go as planned, but instead Trump and COVID has something in store for my ass. lol Heres a short recap of some of the goals I wanted to accomplish before 2020 is over with. Some goals Ive completed and some I haven't even started lol.

Things I Wanted To Do:

I wanted to start a Youtube channel FAIL! lol Let me tell y'all, so I made one right? I probably posted twice on there didn't get the views I wanted to get so I gave up lol I wasn't consistent with it at all. I had so many ideas for content I wanted to put out but I was discouraged because I wasn't getting any views like I wanted too. So I ended that real quick. I wanted to write more blog posts, which I think I started off good but then when I started my business it was a little hard to run a business, be a mom for 3, a girlfriend and keep up with writing blog posts. I do want to keep up with my blog because I love to express myself in writing. So usually what I do when I have time is write. Business has been successful. I told myself I was going to start my skincare business this year and I made it happen. I told myself I wanted to change the structure of how lipgloss/skincare can be used, how I can advertise it differently from what others are doing. So far I feel my content is a lot different from others Ive seen. I wanted an office space and got it! Idk what made me think just because I had quit my job and started my own business that I could just travel all the time lol Covid 19 said you aint going no where bihh! Although I did go to ATL to visit my sister and my bf took me to Chicago for my birthday. For personal goals I wanted to buy a car straight out, no more car notes. Y'all I got the car that I wanted! I wanted a home office, and baby ended up doing that for me. Financially I wanted to make 10k for my first year of business. Im not at 10k yet but Im getting close to it.

What Goals Have Changed?:

I think YouTube is out of the question lol. Im just not pressed about it as much as I was lol. Maybe next year or so Ill change my mind but for now its a nahhhh lol.I do post on my IG regularly so y'all can see me there lol. I am going to start writing more blog posts but instead of me feeling overwhelmed like I absolutely need to write Ill just write when I have the time. Im still thinking of creative different ways to promote my products and keep folks drawn in. I love my new office space. It's such a zenful vibe. I still want to travel. I want to go back to ATL because when I did go I was 7 months pregnant and couldn't do much but eat and sleep lol. I have basically achieved most of my goals and Im so thankful.