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Motherhood is hard and grueling and full of fucking difficult lessons.


Hello Glow Beauties!

I can not stress enough how hard it is being a mother. Motherhood comes with so much but its full of love that I couldn't possibly put in words and has taught me so much. From the lack of sleep, call-offs from school and work, needy attention, no quietness, no alone time (especially when using the bathroom) being a mother is ALOT of work, sometimes the rocky parts make me question my capacity hell not to mention my sanity. but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Being a Mom is never knowing if you're doing it right.

Being a mom is being less to others so you can be more to the ones who needs you most.

Being a mom is constant, and steady.

Being a mom is a leap of faith.

Unconditional Love.

From the moment my boys were born I made a vow to myself that no matter what they say or do I will love them unconditionally. I feel if I love my boys unconditionally they will be less likely to later on fall in love with someone who offers love conditionally, whether thats behavior control or abuse. I want to teach my children what its like to be loved so they know what to look for. I shower my boys in kisses and hugs. I listen to them and give them options. (To a certain extent.) As an African American Muva, I have the privilege of teaching my boys self- love and self- respect at an early age. I want my boys to understand how valued they our in our home they are the "men of the house" I always say. Because I'm a big kid at heart, I enjoy revisiting the wonders of childhood through their experiences. The best time of motherhood is ........ B E D T I M E ! No but really I love being a mother. I love the ups and downs that comes with it. If nothing else in my life goes right my kids are the reason to carry on. Being a single parent sometimes you do want to give up and say, "fuck this shit." But I swear they push me to move ahead. I feel more humbled. Life is great, but life is even better once you've been blessed to become a mother!

To All the mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Until next time, CHIO!

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