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How Do You Self Care Sunday?

Self care is extremely important especially during this Covid19 shit.

Hey Trappers! First off #BLM

its been a while since Ive blogged. lol Im not going to lie running a business, being a full time mom and having a man around has taken so much of my time. But IM HERE BITCH !! lol No for real. Anyway how y'all been since this Covid19, Protests, & Trump crazy ass? Me? I just been living day by day waiting on what the hell gone happen next. I can say I am grateful that I don't have to be at work and I can spend more time with family and friends and focus on my business. But that can be tiring af lol if you have kids you understand. Heres a few self care tips I've been doing to stay sane and stress free in this crazy ass world. BTW my birthday was June 15th! I keep telling myself I'm 26 but my mom always reminds me that I'm 27 lol So shout out to all the June birthdays, us Geminis are the shit.

Go Plant Shopping

This is always fun for me. I love plants and I love looking for different weird plants. Why? Because no one likes them lol My favorite places to go is the local plant shops because I don't have to hunt certain plants I want. The only thing about buying local is they tax but I'm not gone get into all that because I still buy from them. I also go to is McNamara Florist, their air plants are cool af, and they also have great huge succulents. They also have huge ass plants but those are more on the $200 dollar side lol For a little online plant shopping I like to use Rooted. They plants dope af and cheap. The packaging is secure so your plants don't get damaged and they name their plants lol.

Exfoliate Your Body

When it come to exfoliators I feel I'm a rawsom vegan because I feel the scrubs that I make removes dead skin and makes your skin feel smooth and glowy. This is usually my everyday selfceare because every time I get in the shower I'm using this. Sometimes Ill make a oat honey sugar scrub and that feels amazing too. And now that Im in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy I need a little something to release this tension and also keep me from getting stretch marks. Ladies y'all can also use this on y'all man. Especially if he has rough ass hands lol If you haven't yet trapandshop! And look under the skincare tab.

Get Out The House

Car rides are the best when you have nothing to do. Also visit your friends. My friends are literally the funniest and always down to do shit. Go on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend. I feel like I go on a date every day lol Going out to get curb side food. lol


I haven't been lording or buying any books because Ill read off my phone. If you have a iPhone we have a books app on our phone that have different books. Right now I'm reading A Trace of Murder by Blake Pierce. But I want to buy more books soon so I need y'all to let me know what y'all reading.


Being pregnant takes all the energy out of me so I have no problem laying on the couch watching tiktoks, Netflix movies or Hulu shows and feeding my face. lol Im back watching OITNB I'm so far behind on that show and I just stared watching Queen of the South which is a good as show, makes me want to be in the cartel and run my own drug business. lol jk that shit looked stressful as hell. lol Whats some other good shows to watch because I have 4 more month of this pregnancy shit so my ass gone be chilling more often.

Welp that's a few of my current self care that I do. What about you? Pregnant women let me know what y'all do. Until next time, Chio!

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