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Blogmas:Day 1

INTRO ... ?

Hey Trappers! Im going to keep this short and simple, Its December y'all. 2020 is almost over omg. Last year I participated in 'blogmas' where I post a blog everyday leading up to Christmas. That shit was hard af lol. But I didn't plan any content out, instead I just started writing shit everyday lol. I know better now lol. I'm ready this year well I think I am. Its a struggle trying to think of engaging content but I have a few that I have in mind. Im trying to post more regularly on my blog because it seems I barley post anything so I guess I'm making up for it, 25 days of content? whew chile are y'all ready for that? To make things fun Im going to be doing giveaways/discounts and skincare videos. Enjoy blogs everyday Until Christmas Day y'all need to read anyway lol.