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Rose + Hibiscus foaming scrub

The best scrub for your "lady" parts.

Hey Trappers! Its day #10 of Trap Blogmas/vlogmas and Im bringing y'all a new product. And if you used the QR code to get here, thank you, thank you for your support and you can just keep scrolling.

This whipped scrub is made with all natural ingredients of course! Filled with healing herbs and organic oils. This can be used all over the body and makes a great exfoliate for any "lady" part. This will help get rid of ingrown hair and razor bumps. It will also improve the appearance of your skin leaving it moisturized. With the stressful hormonal imbalances that our bodies go through can be tough on the skin. How often do you exfoliate? If you don't then girl wtf you doing lol. Exfoliation helps with removing dead skin cells and dirt. So that dirty scum ball you met with last night, yeah him lol scrub his ass away with this foaming scrub.

How to use:

Can be used on whole body and "lady" parts

  • Wet body, scoop a generous amount in hands and massage onto skin in a circular motion, and rinse well.

  • If using on "lady" parts: apply a pea size amount, massage in for 20 secs and wash off.

EXTERNAL ONLY, don't you go and put this up in that thang!!!!!!!

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