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Morning Skincare.

Using Trapandglows new product! TRAP BRICKZ!

Hey Trappers! How y'all feeling today? Y'all still got y'all Stimmys? lol Y'all know how this works, if you want to just watch the scroll down to the bottom because y'all mfs don't like reading no more, lol thats okay thats okay I still love y'all. The Trap is now serving Brickz by the pound lol not really but you get my drift, TrapBrickz! Which is also on the website for purchase. I been holding this out on y'all for some months now and yall been getting on my head about it. lol So here y'all asses go lol. Look how pure and natural this bar looks. I love the color and can y'all guess it has no synthetic dyes. Hell yeah y'all can guess that because everything natural over hereeeee lol.

This soap is loaded with organic herbs and oils formulated to cleanse and soothe irritation. Sometimes my skin is really irritated so this is my go to! Anyways, lets talk about that face steamer though. If you don't have one I highly recommend you getting one. Steaming does wonders for the skin. I got my steamer from jank ass Walmart I paid about $40 bucks if I can rememberer, but you can find them all over. Im not a professional buttttt this is what works for me lol. I started off by cleansing my face really good. I know this may seem extra af but I squeeze lemons, limes, or sometimes oranges and place the topper to the steamer in distilled water to let it soak up all the citrus smells so that when the steam comes out it gives that citrus smell, it also has great benefits for your face. I steam for about 5mins then I exfoliate my face. Im using Trapandglows Cucumber Melon Sugar Scrub. I loveeeee the smell of this and its so refreshing and a great way to get ready for Spring. Speaking of spring Im redecorating my room, you know get the Spring/Summer vibes going. Anywho, next im using Trapandglows what used to be called, "Dirty Sprite" is now called, "Dirty Water" its a facial oil and can also be used as body oil. This oil is light weight. I mean lighter than a feather. A little goes a long way. And it smells good af. I steam again for another 5 mins just to lock the oil in. BOOM! Skincare lol apply that gloss. And thats it Trappers. Until next time, CHIO!

Now tell me did you read it orrrrr you just want the trap code so you can get something for free ?’! DONT LIE NOW lol anywho your here and I appreciate it. Trap code is “BRICKZ🧱💦” make sure to comment on Trapandglows IG “trap blog” post, don’t forget to tag 2 friends✨💕

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