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Skincare that looks so sweet!

Whats up Glow Beautiez!

Looking to give your face a dewy natural glow? Try this 2 ingredient face mask. Using only .... Coconut oil and honey. The winter time can be very harsh on our skin and some of us are struggling with dull skin. I normally use my turmeric mask to make my skin glow but I figure Ill give that a break and try something different. I love using honey on my face. Its so many benefits that it has like, complexion boost, antibacterial, and full of antioxidants and you cant go wrong with coconut oil. This mask is pretty popular on pintrest so I wanted to try for myself. From the reviews and my experience , most will say this is very sticky but not messy. Thats a plus because when I use my turmeric mask it tends to be a bit messy. The only thing about this mask is that it will drip so make sure you use a old shirt when tying to do this mask.

I must say if you have oily skin this is not for you. This mask is for my dry skin or combination babes.


2tbsp coconut oil (I melted it myself)

2 tbsp. Honey (Organic)

Mix coconut oil and honey until combined.

Smear all over face and let it sit for 15-20mins ( MASK WILL NOT DRY)

Once the mask has set use a warm wash rag to clean off your face

Pat dry

I hope this works for you as much as it worked for me. Until next time Beautiez, Chio!

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