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Hey trappers, we’ve made it to day No 2! I was thinking today I needed to try a Digital Detox. Which was very much needed. I had enough of just scrolling through my phone. Its becoming a habit. When I wake up I reach for my phone. When I go to sleep my phone is literally all in my face, I'll fold clothes, and stop to take a quick look at my phone, just because I need to see what’s going on. Like girl, stop. lol I'll make some food, sit on the couch and scroll as I'm eating. The minute I start doing this I want to make a note and put myself on a little time-out from my phone. Habits are SO easy to form and I'm only interested in ones that benefit me. And I feel a digital detox is BENEFICIAL!

We want to stay connected to Social media especially with this COVID 19 bull shit but The thing is, what exactly are we staying connected to? Truth? Lies? Drama? Much like this modern world. It actually keeps you in a fucked up place of comparison, desire, longing, dissatisfaction and disappointment. Not always! But often. No matter how happy you are in your life, with yourself, with your looks, with the things you have.

I know for me I have that bad. It’s like why do I care about other people’s fears or low vibrational moments? It’s nothing wrong with it but sometimes I need to only focus on me, social media can make that hard sometimes. So what I want to do is disconnect certain hours out of the day where I do other activities. So for today I set my phone to the side and binge watched OITNB. I had a deep conversation with one of my closest friends and I also read a chapter out of my book. Ill try to disconnect from social media as much as possible and you should too.

until next time, chio!

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