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Hey Trappers, so I was thinking of *The* *Perfect* well nothing is perfect but what's more authentic to me, Ive been meditating and prayed about the best way to come up with giving you ladies more "love yourself" posts. Healing and small acts of daily self care love can be forgetting and put offish. I want to do a 30 day self love post. Especially if you have children and a man, Whew chileeeeee so much ratchetness in one sentence. I want to write about whatever comes to my heart about self love and just share with y'all as I go. Then maybe WE can share together and talk about our different experiences. Im looking forward to sharing learning new things about myself and continuing to heal. So get y'all favorite pens/journals and come on!


I wholeheartedly believe for your being and your space its best to keep that mf clean as possible. I don't know if its just me but when my space is a mess I feel that my inner world is a mess as well. The energy that clutter brings has a negative effect on me. It throws off my zen, makes me feel I'm not free in my surroundings. I take a lot of time cleaning my space, especially since I have kids.

If your a messy person I want you to take the time to clean your day house. Do that basket of laundry that you keep looking at and keep saying, "I'll do it some other time." Get rid of all old things you don't need anymore that's in your cabinets that no longer serves you. For example them old seasonings that you had since 2 years ago lol Oh trust me Ive been there. Donate clothes that you no longer wear to declutter your closets. Toss that shit sis!

Get on them knees and clean them base boards! Clean them vents to girl. Water your plants! Wash your pillows/covers. Ive started doing this every week now. You can't start honoring yourself if your space looks a mess. It might take you a few days which is okay, go the pace you want to go!

Ready for Day 2 tomorrow? Until next time, CHIO!

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