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Moon magic + rituals. & NO IM NOT A WITCH BITCH! lol

Hey Trappers! So a lot of you ladies always ask me about my crystals and what I use them for or why I even have them in the first place. So I'm here to write about them. The first crystal ever that Ive had was back in 6th grade, I didn't know it was a crystal I had just found it laying on the side walk and thought it was a cool ass looking rock, so I kept it. I then started realizing that it wasn't just an ordinary rock but I couldn't figure out what the hell it was but I was so DRAWN to it. I noticed that every time I would have the rock it would bring me good luck. Y'all I'm being so real with y'all I took that rock with me EVERYWHERE, I still have it to this day lol. At that moment I knew that crystals were my thing.

Heres some of my ways how I use my crystals.

1. Place them all over.

I have so many crystals around the house its ridiculous. I have them in my room, living room, bathroom, kids room (Under their pillows),and in my work room, car, purse chileeee everywhere you can think of. The ones I have in my work room or area I should say are Amazonite and Sodalite. They help to reduce the harmful radiation from my electronic devices. I also have a couple of Citrine's and those are good for envisioning your goals and pursuing them and also attracts wealth. The other ones I have are called, Amethyst- which reduces anxiety, Pyrite- which is for growth and prosperity, Smokey Quartz- which provides a protective aura and Black Tourmaline- which prevents the engird of other people. I even have a saying when it comes to the Black Tourmaline- "As a protective shield against negative energy."

In my room and boys room I have to have the Clear Quartz near by, it enhances spiritual growth and also cleanse the room of negative energy. So fun fact, me being pregnant and all I would go to sleep and wake up and see a creepy black ass lady standing above me I don't know why or what the hell she wanted. This went on for a couple of nights to the point where I'm like look bitch I need my damn sleep and you keep bothering me lol So I started sleeping with my Clear Quartz under my pillow and I never seen her ass again.

When the bae and I want to get freaky freaky Ill have the Rose Quartz near by to enhance our sexual tension lol. Y'all better get up on it lol. Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. I call it the love Dr. It purifies the heart promoting self love, friendship and deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

2. Carry them on you.

Most of us trappers like to carry cash in our bras but me, I like to have a crystal in my bra. But if your not like me you can always wear it as jewelry. I like to keep my crystals within my aura. I usually let my intuition choose which crystal im going to rock that day. I have 4 in my car which is the Red Tigers Eye- which is for motivation and strength, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst.

3. Meditate

Ill gather all my crystals and mediate with them. Its funny because my boyfriend looks at me and says, "there she go with that witch craft shit."but I truly feel this helps me sense the energy thats emitting from the crystals. This also help me re-align everything if I feel my aura is unbalanced. I especially love when its a full moon. Thats when the magic really goes down lol.

If you use crystals you winnin if not then you missing out Chile, lol better get you some! Until next time trappers, Chio!

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