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Hey Trapper,

Im sure you're here because A. you scanned the QR code or B you just love reading my blogs. Either way Heeeeeeeyyyyyy.

For the longest I've incorporated using body oils my whole life, hell my grandma and momma was big on oil. We would use Vaseline and baby oil mix it together and boy oh boy that skin was glowing like no other. I mean moisturizing all damn day lol literally.

I use TrapandGlow HighVibezBodyOil in many different ways. And here's how.....

Relaxing Bath

If your a fan of a hot relaxing baths than you should try adding a few drops to your bath. HighVibezBodyOil will moisturize your skin while you soak and relax.

After Shower

Just before completely drying off rub oil onto skin this will keep skin hydrated and replenished.

My Favorite

I love to use this oil as a massage oil. It helps to loosen up muscles and relieves stress.