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Because who likes to walk around with they face crusty?

Hey Trappers! Im excited to share with you all my everyday skincare routine. My skincare routine is something I've been doing for a while now, I'll incorporate some new products here and there (vegan of course) but for majority my skincare routine stays the same. I have a couple of new readers on here so its only right that I share with you all the products that I use on my skin everyday. First things first let me share with you my skin type.


My skin has mostly always been combination part oily part dry af, but I notice when I'm pregnant my skin is all over the place so its hard to differentiate. When I'm not pregnant lol I'll have occasional breakouts around my chin area but I noticed that only when that time of the month is approaching. I also have uneven skin tone, my forehead, cheek area, and nose are way lighter than my chin area. My turmeric mask works great for that. (If you want to purchase click here)

I start every morning by washing my face with Dr. Bronners Peppermint soap. Y'all when I say that soap works WONDERS, it does just that! I'll use a warm/hot towel pressed on my face to open my pores. I'll put a little bit of soap on my face towel. REMINDER! I said a LITTLE BIT because that shit will burn tf out of your face lol its so strong