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No more dull face, Hello doll face!


Hello Trappers!

I think this is the ultimate fountain of youth. Not really but damn near close to it. Turmeric is amazing for acne scars and even tones the skin. Thanks to its fabulous antioxidant properties, its been used for skin rejuvenation. Since Ive been selling a lot of these I want to write about how to apply it and how its so beneficial. I usually do different mixtures when it comes to the turmeric mask. If you would like to order one of the 3 just let me know!

1. Turmeric & Honey: Bright & Smooth

This will have your face feeling hydrated and glowing. The benefits between these two are AMAZING. Honey is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. The sugars in the honey helps the skin retain water to reduce dryness. I usually do this mask once a week because I love the results I receive.


  1. Apply to clean face using a clean makeup brush.

  2. Leave on for 10-15min or until you feel your ready to take it off.

  3. Wash off really good.

  4. Follow with a light moisturizer

  5. Store mask in the fridge

NOTE: Using turmeric will stain your clothes, washcloths and your skin. For your skin its nothing to worry about because it's not long lasting. I usually use an old washcloth when removing the mask.