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Whewwww Chile, the G H E T T O!

Hey Trappers! I haven't blogged in a while its so hard keeping up with my blogs now and days, or maybe Im just lazy as hell. lol No but for real y'all Ive been so tired with this pregnancy. My doctor put me on bed rest a month ago and Im not gone lie I been doing everything BUT that lol. I did take a small break from delivering packages to help with my "bed rest" but even then Im still up and doing stuff, which is probably kicking me in the ass because y'all I be so damn tired its not even funny. Overall the baby is healthy and growing like crazy! But I want to keep my business going and stay afloat so I came up with ideas that will help me do that. So here's the game plan.

I've created a outline for my maternity leave:

Since Ill be having a C-section I thought Ill prepare for that. This came to me last night while I was freaking out about having a c-section, literally I was up watching YouTube videos of women and their c-sections lol Ive had one before with my last son but that was a emergency C-section so I was knocked out lol this time I don't think they are going to put me to sleep lol and I really don't want to get an epidural, UGGGGHHH. Just thinking about it is giving me anxiety. Anywho, I figured girl its going to happen so just prepare for everything. I started a outline in my notes last night of how I want to run my business without doing too much that would interfere with my healing. When I made this outline I had no idea what the hell I wanted to do and I still don't lol

Get as much done as possible:

Now im not saying I'm going to take on a lot at once because I'll still like to leave some space to channel my energy, but I would like to get everything out the way as in new releases and restocks that I would like to put out, which if you haven't been on my shop page click this link

Remember I'm my own boss:

Unlike a regular 9-5 I have the option to do things on my own time and make my own schedule so I don't have to rush back to work after I have him. I would like to enjoy my baby and family while still pushing out content to keep my business going.

Thats all I have so far y'all lol. Until next time, CHIO!

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