Rose water is super easy to make at home and very beneficial.

Hey Trappers. How y'all been during the COVID-19?

I know one thing Im ready for this shit to be over with because Im tried of these kids and I'm tired of my boyfriend lol But Im glad were all.

Anywho, I wanted to share with you all how to make refreshing and cleansing rose water toner. What I like about this toner is that it's a natural yet very gentle astringent. Also you can actually drink this but I don't like drinking it because it taste like flower perfume or something. It can also be used in cocktails and summer drinks but for now we're just going to talk about the natural facial benefits that it has.

Let me remind you that rose water is completely chemical free. With using only two ingredients: Organic rose petals and distilled water.


Rose water has some antiseptic properties, which can help prevent and treat infections. Also rose water has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning its great for treating that nasty ass flaky ass eczema. I hate eczema y'all, I have the mild version of it and it pisses me tf off. But rose water does help with that because it can actually help maintain your skin pH balance and will control all that nasty ass excess oil. So yes, you can use this as a facial cleanser to remove dirt from your pores. Rose water also helps hydrate your skin.


All you need is-

Roses (Any color works fine)

Distilled Water (if you don't have it go to the store sis its only $1.)


1. Remove the rose blossoms from the stems. Make sure to rinse them to get rid of any dust.

2. Place the rose petals in a small pot and pour the distilled water in the pot. Pour just enough water to cover the petals.

3. Boil for 30mins or until the petals lose their color.

4. Strain the rose water into a glass jar and let cool down before using.

And there you have it, your very own Rose Water. Super easy.

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