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Exotic Pack, BUT for the body!

Hey Trappers, if you're here you scanned your QR Code, if not then it won't hurt thread lol.

Winter can be so harsh on the skin and turmeric is so VERSATILE and can be mixed with many other things. I wanted to share with all of you the different type of ways you can use it at home, but don't worry I did all the hard work all you have to do is add a liquid base. Keep in mind that tumeric can stain things. Thats how bomb it is.


This mask helps with reducing puffiness, minimize cellulite, exfoliates and increases the blood flow circulation.


1-2 tsp Trap Tumeric Pack

1-3 tsp Distilled Water ( if you don't have that boil some water )

OR 3 tsp plain organic yogurt

OR 2-3 tsp Aloe Gel


Mix well!

Apply to face using clean makeup brush.

Let sit, until you want to wash off

Wash off using warm water

Can be used weekly