Here is a few of my tips to keep your skin hydrated and looking flawless.

Hello Glow Beauties!

Can you believe its December already? I used to hate winter because my face would be so crusty and rusty. UGH lol like seriously no matter how much i moisturized my face it will dry right back up. Thirsty ass skin. lol One of the problems due to the harsh winter weather is that it dehydrates my skin but I have a trick for that ass. I know some of y'all can relate and if you can I got y'all!

Most of yall know how much I love healthy beautiful skin and although it may be a pain in the ass to find what products work with you (especially if your on a broke bitch budget like me) but healthy skin also starts from within. You cant expect to drink a boat load of pop everyday and have flawless skin, if you can you a Boss ass bitch. Ill discuss a few tips I have to keep my skin looking flawless and stay hydrated. DISCLAIMER Im definitely NOT a doctor or skin enthusiast, these are things that work for me that I’m sharing with you guys.

Drink Water

Period!!! I try to drink a gallon a day.

Wash Your Face Morning and Night

First things first, WASH YOUR FACE! By cleansing your face your removing dirt, makeup & sweat thats on the surface of your face. When it comes to washing my face I use warm water, vinegar and #DrBronnersCastileLiquidPeppermintSoap. Or I make my own face bar soap, which I’ll be writing about in my next blog. After I’ve cleansed my face I exfoliate. I include exfoliating in my cleansing routine because it helps remove the dead skin cells that’s on the skins surface. Also it can help soften your skin so new cells can emerge. This will prep your skin for moisturizing.

Moisturize Morning and Night

"Go in that damn bathroom and put some lotion on your ashy ass face and don't walk out the house with your face looking like that" Word from mother lol

Moisturizing morning and night are essential. I use #AfricanSheaButter at night to condition and smooth my face. It has a creamy Thick consistency that I like, almost compared to Vaseline but I find that Vaseline clogs my pores & drys my face out even more vs the shea butter, which I feel soaks into my skin. I also make face mask using Shea butter for extra moisturize. For the mornings I use something light like Tea Tree Oil, Rose Oil, Jojoba Oil and Black seed Oil.

Eye Cream

Now that Im in my 20’s eye cream is a MUST. Its vital that I put that shit on. I apply every night, if not every other night. I need that elasticity for when I get old lol. Like almost everything else I make my own eye cream using coffee grounds and natural oils.


Serums are used for enhancements to any face regimens. They are much lighter in my opinion then using a moisturizer. Serums are versatile and can be used in a lot of ways. They can be added into moisturizers, used for spot treatments or you can use it alone. I tend to use it when I feel my face is oily or when I need to add brightness to my face. Its many different types of serums but I usually go for Vitamin C & hydrating B5.


I personally think toners play a big role in skin care routine. I make my own toner which is Rose water. So easy to make y’all & it last me for a while. Facial toners help with detoxification in other words it removes environmental toxins. Its also good for pore shrinkage, allowing fewer oils & toxins to settle into the skin.

Those are my little tips! Listen to your skin. Remember you are a boss ass bitch & no one has your skin but you. Always be kind to your skin & take good care of it. I’m always down for some good tips & advice so if you have any tips for me don’t hesitate to let a bihhh know. Until next time Chiò!

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