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Here is a few of my tips to keep your skin hydrated and looking flawless.

Hello Glow Beauties!

Can you believe its December already? I used to hate winter because my face would be so crusty and rusty. UGH lol like seriously no matter how much i moisturized my face it will dry right back up. Thirsty ass skin. lol One of the problems due to the harsh winter weather is that it dehydrates my skin but I have a trick for that ass. I know some of y'all can relate and if you can I got y'all!

Most of yall know how much I love healthy beautiful skin and although it may be a pain in the ass to find what products work with you (especially if your on a broke bitch budget like me) but healthy skin also starts from within. You cant expect to drink a boat load of pop everyday and have flawless skin, if you can you a Boss ass bitch. Ill discuss a few tips I have to keep my skin looking flawless and stay hydrated. DISCLAIMER Im definitely NOT a doctor or skin enthusiast, these are things that work for me that I’m sharing with you guys.

Drink Water

Period!!! I try to drink a gallon a day.