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Natural, ECO- Friendly cleaner.

Hey Glow Beauties!

I wanted to share with you all this super easy NATURAL ECO Friendly recipe to clean your make up brushes. This will have your makeup brushes clean af in the matter of minutes. Okay lets be real, I hate hate hate hate hate washing my makeup brushes. Don't judge me judge your momma lol but I hate it because its takes to much of my time. Time is limited to me so to waste it washing makeup brushes just ugh works my nerves. lol I got issues y'all. I really be trying to avoid washing them but I know its beneficial to keep a clean make up brush. I used to just use hot water but that was not working for me. Then I thought to myself I cant just use plain ass hot water and i especially didn't want to go out and buy store products because I don't know if it will break my face out or not. I came across an easy and clean recipe that wont break out your face but will also work wonders on the brushes. And it wont take up too much of your time. Literally 2 mins tops. Yes bitch 2 mins.

Things Needed!

Castile Soap

Lavender Oil

Mason Jar

Hot Water


Fill mason jar with hot water. (i use distilled water, I try to avoid tap water.)

Add 4tsp of Castile soap (I use #Drbronnerscastilesoap )

Add 5 drops of Lavender Oil

Dip brushes, give a lil swirl

it will get soapy and the make up comes right off

Rinse and your done.

Until next time, Chio!

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