Trap Krack Bath Fizz

Trap Krack Bath Fizz

Blueberry Yum or Xannies

Ever bust down a 8 ball?


🎱Pure sensational. Does not throw off pH balance. Hydrates Skin. 


Take a relaxing bath with this all natural bath fizz. Infused with natural oils to make your skin feel smooth and soft.


Blueberry Yum is a bath fizz filled with antioxidant- rich oils, Honey Powder, Avocado Powder and 24K Gold Flakes. Leaves your skin moisturized while your soaking. 


Xannies is a relaxing bath fizz with antioxidant- rich oils such as Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Honey Powder. Leaves your skin moisturized while your soaking.


If allergic to coconut oil please do not use. 




Step 1:

Run a hot/warm bath that you desire.


Step 2: 

Pour desired amount of the Trap Pack in your bath water.


Step 3:

Watch it fizz, play some relaxing Trap music (or whatever you prefer), and soak. 


Great for

Spirtual Baths

Muscle Relaxtion

Self Care Sunday