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What’s up Trappers!

So y’all know I had to change shit around due to me trying to get my business up and running. Yall when I say starting a business is not easy, it’s not fucking easy lol. So I’ve been thinking about starting my own skincare/ lipgloss line, wait is it line or products? Anyway ive been thinking about this for at least 2 damn years I just never knew where to start or how to go about things. I used to make natural skincare products for my self and just advertise by uploading on social media. I got a lot of love from it but ya girl was self doubting herself and wasn’t being consistent with posting or getting my products out there. And hell to be honest I didn’t have the money to afford making the products to sell. So I waited and waited until I said fuck it. This is something I really enjoy doing and it’s not like people weren’t interested. Last Thursday ( 1/23 ) at 2:00pm I decided to upload the lipglosses that I’ve made and post them on Facebook. Now usually I CAN NOT stand Facebook but when I say my hometown showed soooo much love, more than what I expected I forgot why I didn’t like Facebook. I started off with 30 tubes and handmade the glosses ( using all natural vegan ingredients) and all was Sold out instantly. I was taking orders that day and Friday morning I was up trappin delivering lipglosses. It felt great all the support and love I was getting but what felt even better is that I actually did it and start seeing my vision come into play. The reviews I got from people about my glosses made me want to go harder. I got so many positive reviews that it pushed me to do more and think outside the box.

Someone asked me how I came up with the name trap and glow. My bestfriend and I were on the phone and I was asking her what sound right my first name I had was hello glow but someone had already had that then I’m like I want it to be classy but ratchet like me so I said drip glow my bff was like nah then I’m like what about drip trap then she’s like nah then she’s like what about trap and glow . I’m like yassss bitch you know me too mf well lol so shout out to my best friend for helping me with the name! I love it because us women are always on the trap we’re always working even when we feel we’re not. Whether it’s working a 9-5, shaking ass for these dolla, being a mommy, being the best lovers to our men. Hell Ladies want to feel good about their self so why not make something that’s affordable and something that will make you feel pretty af ? So TRAP&GLOW will give you that.

I just want To give thanks to everyone who’s been super supportive. Shout out to my family who help put in, shout out to my friends who’s always down for whatever, shout out to my bf for pushing me to keep going, shout out to my customers & Shout out to Kels for making my logo and seeing the vision that I see, she dope af and will always do my digital logos, tshirts, stickers lol whatever lol if it wasn’t for y’all trap and glow wouldn’t be shit but a idea. I can not wait until you trappers see what I have in store.

Until next time, chiò!

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