Why ya girl been M.I.A??????

Hey my trappers, how y'all doing?

I know I know before y’all even think about cussing me tf out and asking where the hell I been, I’m here to tell y’all a bitch done got KNOCKED UP. TRAGIC, I thought I was going to have a hot girl summer, hot girl body goals, hot girl everything! But instead I’m having a knocked up spring summer and fall lol. When I found out, I was 2 weeks pregnant. Crazy af ain’t it? With my other 2 boys I found out when I was 6+ weeks but for some odd reason with this pregnancy I just KNEW I was pregnant. I kept telling Da’Von “dude I’m pregnant.” he like, “girl no you not I can’t have kids” he kept saying it and I was so sure that I was. So he got me a test and I took it and little do you know 2 damn lines popped up quick as hell. Y’all when I say I was PISSED! I was mad as hell. I didn’t want to have another child let along go through a whole stressful ass pregnancy. Da’Von thought otherwise, he wanted another child because his two are older and I wasn’t feeling another baby at all because Karter is still 1 and Kevin is 5 so I didn’t want another baby. But I guess the man above had other plans for me. Our first doctors appointment was sometime in February I believe. I had my first ultrasound and there was nothing there because obviously I was way to early for the machine to see anything so my doctor told me to come back in the next 4 weeks. 4-5 weeks went past and it was time for my appointment again. They did an ultrasound and there was life. Lil baby nothing too much to see but we heard the heartbeat and seen the blood flow going through the placenta, we also seen the yolk sac which Da'Von was so confused on what the yolk sac was lol. Y'all his ass about wanted to cry. lol I think I was 6 weeks when I got this ultrasound and they told me my due date was 10-10-2020 (My moms bday)

Pregnancy was going well I didn't have any sickness until my 8th week and THAT was pure evil bull shit. I was throwing up and nauseous all the time. I couldn't stand the smell of somethings I could barley get my ass out of bed, I was so unmotivated it made me feel like I was a failure. Everything was going so well with my business and then it just came to a halt because my ass was so sick. I then said I had enough and had to call my doctor to ask him for nausea medication. When I got them pills shiiiiiiiiiit ya girl was back poppin'! I didn't feel as nauseous like I was but at night around 8pm that's when I would feel sick. The throwing up stopped which was perfect for me because I hate throwing up. Here it is I'm 9weeks pregnant and its time for my appointment again. (Im a high risk pregnancy so I go every 3 weeks) This time they had to do a genetics test which will let me know if my baby has any problems like Down syndrome and the other stuff they said, all I was worried about is if the baby is a boy or girl. When the nurse asked me would we like to know the sex Da'Von big black ass told her no we wanted it to be a surprise. Im like surprise my ass I want to know hell. lol But he was persistent on them not telling us because he wants to have a gender reveal. I COMPLETELY DONT GIVE A FUCK! lol We had another ultrasound and the baby was doing back flips, kicks and all lol all that movement and I don't feel a thing, yet. Fun fact: Did you know that babies have tails? So cool right?

Since I have been pregnant I can say I've received so many blessings. My business is going really well, I quit my full time job to stay focus and stay consistent with my business and also stay stress free while Im pregnant, I also get to spend more time with the kids and be able to have more free time to myself without having to be on someone else's clock. I also have full support from Da'Von, my friends and family. Ill be keeping you trappers updated throughout my whole pregnancy, in the mean time go shop trapandglow and check out the new colors that's on there. Until next time, Chio!