How can you love anyone else when you don’t love yourself? GOOFY!

Hey Glow Beautiez!

What’s up y’all how y’all doing today? I seen this lady a week ago from today, which is why I wrote this post & she looked so sad and bothered, I’m working on building a positive self image and increase women personal happiness because ALL women are WORTH it. I asked her was she okay and she replied, “Hell no, these kids working my damn nerves, I’m trying to multi task as much as I can, I just need a damn break!” I think the expression on my face said it all because I’m like damn I can’t believe she telling me this lol but then I understand where she was coming from because kids will take you there along with other balancing acts of things like managing a home, budgeting, working and RAISING children. With all those things we tend to forget about caring for ourselves. The desire to be everything you want to be along with other life worries that are beyond your control in life can become overwhelming especially if your not taking care of yourself. Self care should be incorporated into your daily routine. Its okay to put yourself first. Studies show that what we think and do about ourselves will affect our self worth, self image & self love. I think that's the problem, most of use don't know how to self love because were too busy doing more for others. Fuck everybody else lol think about yourself, love yourself! Ill be doing 7 self love activities, one for each week of the day. Hopefully this will help those of you who doesn't know how to self love.


Affirmations are key. I wrote a bunch of positive quotes on a sticky note ( some were my fav affirmations some were quotes I looked up on pintrest and some personal) and placed them on my mirror where I will see it every day. From the time I wake up to brush my teeth to the time i'm washing my hands after I use the bathroom lol. I know this is simple but its a reminder that I'm a boss ass bitch!


Today is about Gratitude. I shared before I wanted to work on this. I wrote down 4 things that I was thankful for. I feel by doing this it will improve my attitude about my life. I have a gratitude jar that I keep all my papers in. They also have gratitude journals but I think the jars are better. I like seeing the jars fill up.


I dont know about yall but I love talking to myself. Especially when Im uplifting myself. Dont act like yall dont know what I'm talking about. You know when you looking good and feeling good and you looking at yourself in the mirror like, "A pussy ass hoe could nevaaaaa" yeah those type of talks. lol Uplift yourself, admire your beauty hell give yourself a hug.I will look in the mirror and just tell myself, "girl I love you, your perfect just the way you are." Love is powerful and if you cant love yourself how can you love someone else?


Reflection. I wrote a list of values I hold in life and I stated why. Reflecting on things you hold is important because it will keep you centered and grounded.


I incorporate a hour of "time-out" for myself. I used this time to meditate, sage, water my plants and any other things that relaxes me. I left my phone on DND so I could really enjoy this time without any interruptions. This is best to do when your kids are sleeping or at school/daycare.


Affirming my good qualities out loud and proud! I hear speaking your manifestations out loud will come true and increase the positive thoughts I have about myself which will increase the time I reflect on positive qualities. Pep talks people! You need more pep talks!


Stretch that stress away sus. I begin my day with doing 3 stretches and end my day doing 3 stretches to relieve overall stress in my life. Im not that good when it comes to stretching so 3 beginner stretches were good for me lol

I hope you ladies can incorporate one if these 7 practices in your daily routine and develop the habit of self love! Until next time Beautiez, Chio!

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