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Detach yourself from ego and outcome.


Whats up my Trap Beautiez!

Self care Sundays are the fucking best and it presents its self in many ways. This past week has been so damn stressful. With getting Christmas out the way and the boys not having school/daycare self care was much needed to start my week off. I start my Self Care by mediating in a quite location with a couple of candles lit, usually its in my plant room. I sit there for 5 mins and write down one intention in my journal. After I'll listen to calming music, sometimes rap anything that keeps me calm. I write down all my goals that I want to accomplish for that week while having my crystals by my side, when I write it all down I get my sage stick and start smudging while speaking everything into existence. I think the world would be a better place if ONE, people roll a fat ass blunt and TWO, people should shift their mindset around self care. No matter how much time you have in your schedule you should always make self care a priority. Don't know how to SelfCare? Don't worry, every one self care differently. I switch up my self care routines all the time. I try to do things that's beneficial for my mind, body and soul.






Learning Something New







Listening to a pop cast

Baking or cooking

Doing a project

Self care really helps me out alot and I feel it came help others as well. I challenge you all to SelfCareSundays. Until next time Beautiez, Chio!

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