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Be relaxed & stay beautiful

Whats Up My Glow Beautiez!

As you all know Im obsessed with skincare regiments/ products whatever, especially if its all natural. Ive been making my own skincare products for about 3 years now and Ive been on and off with putting my products up for sale but now im more confident in myself and the product I put out. I can say the few people that has brought my product talked positive about it and stated that it really does work. So why not share with everyone.

Ive made a relaxing lavender coconut sugar scrub. As your massaging this, not only on your face but you can also use this on your feet, elbows, knees and hands, you know to get that rough shit off the bottom of them heels or them dry working man hands or them ashy ass knees our grandmas used to tell us to stay off of, ladies we all been there so stop cappin' lol The sugar helps with blood circulation and it will help eliminate dead skin cells and the lavender enhances it as well. Lavender plays a big part in keeping you calm and relaxed (especially if your anxiety/stress is high af) and helps with blood circulation, anti-aging and muscle aches. Not to mention it will leave your skin smooth as hell. I like to use this at night in the shower before going to bed. I feel more relaxed and my skin feels nourished every time.


Super easy to use but can be a bit messy. That's why I use it in the shower. I wet my hands but not to wet were i'm putting water in the scrub, scoop out a small amount (Or what you prefer) rub all over face or hands or feet or where ever , rinse and pat dry. Sugar scrubs are for the win! Its like having a spa day in your shower.


I usually sell my sugar scrubs in a air tight container, like a mason jar. It usually last for one month. Also when I make the scrubs I wear gloves and clean/soak the mason jars to prevent the spread of bacteria.

This scrub also makes a great gift for a loved one or keep it for yourself so you can Pamper yourself. Girl you deserve it. Until next time Beautiez, CHIO!

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