New Goals; New Mindset; New Focus; New Intentions.

Hello Glow Beauties!

So as we all know it’s December, damn that rolled around the corner pretty quickly. I try to set new goals every month just to change little aspects of my life and either make them better or change the way I do things so I can have a better lifestyle for myself and my little ones. I don't know about y'all but a better lifestyle for me is, having more downtime for myself and my boys, living a healthy life, and being financially stable, no more broke bitch shit! lol. I get so overwhelmed sometimes because I know exactly what I want to accomplish and sometimes I never fall through with it. But I swear from now on I'm going to complete my goals. I have no other choice. I feel I have to finesse my planning and organization skills. Don't get me wrong anyone who knows me knows that I'm a planner freak and I try to have everything organized to the T, but lately I've been disorganized and my planning has been off. So that's at the top of my agenda, being organized again like I used too. I have a wonderful planner that I jot down all of my crazy ideas, goals, and targets. What planner am I currently using? #TheHappyPlanner is what I use. Its amazing! Its cute! Its cheap! I used to use #ErinCondren planners but they were a little more pricey for my budget. ANYWAY.... this go round I want to come up with weekly tasks and daily tasks and also have morning and evening routines.

Health is Wealth.

This is one of my monthly goals I want to work on. This is so important to me because I'm 26 with extremely high blood pressure and if your anything like me I hate taking medication. Honestly, this will be one of my hardest goals because I really want to do a 360 on what I eat and drink. I also want to get back in the gym and workout 4 to 5 times a week and also do home workouts for them lazy days when I don't feel like driving to the gym or when I just don't have gas to drive to the gym. (Remember y'all I'm broke lol)

Downtime is Well Deserved.

Everyone is busy whether your working full-time part-time PRN, going to school, being a mother, wife, girlfriend etc. Trying to find downtime can be challenging considering there's on 24 hours in a day. Uhhhhh we need more time damn it. I want to spend my time doing things that I love and not have the constant demands of pressure and responsibilities of life to dictate my days. Working and going to school usually takes up my day. Being a mother, well that never stops. My point is I never really have time for family, friends, hell barley have time for myself. To change all that I need to reclaim my time, what I mean is I need to minimize or eliminate things that's a waste of time like spending hours getting ready. I have that bad lol. I want to make a new routine that's more pleasant and filled with things I love.

Save Them Coins.

First I want to say I SUCK ASS at saving money. I spend spend spend spend and then look stupid when my coins are low. Being half of 30, now is the time to start practicing good financial habits. I need to set some financial goals. Number one, S A V E money. I need that financial security you hear me!!! Budget is that you? In order to start saving money I think I need to create a budget so I can track all of my expenses so that way I can know how much Im saving each month and create a strategy to maximize my savings. I have a retirement fund that I pay here and there but I need it to be healthy so when I get of age I don't have to worry about a thing. Once I become more financially stable I can start contributing more and more. INVESTMENTS! Thats key. I had no idea about investing until I met with my financial advisor who help build an investment portfolio. I want to work on my financial situation pronto! Well there it is my glow beauties. New month new goals. What are some of your goals and tips? Until next time....CHIO!

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