Whats up Glow Beautiez!

Its Fridaaaaaay! whoot whoot. JUST SHAKE THAT ASS BIHH & LET ME SEE WHAT YOU GOT. I swear this song pops up in my head every Friday lol. What yall doing? Yall at work? Trap house? Ya momma house? WHATS UP lol I get so excited for Friday’s because it’s the end of the work week for ya girl! After 5pm a bitch is running to the car, YALL HEAR MEEEEE! lol

Anywaysssss I’m just gone hop right into it. So I was scrolling on FB & I seen a lot of relationship fuckery lol & I just want to say it’s a new year so why tf y’all still bringing that same negative 2019 energy into 2020? Say it will me, “FUCK THAT NIGGA, FUCK THAT BITCH. WE SUPPOSED TO BE IN OUR BAGS MAKING MOVES, ACCOMPLISHING OUR GOALS .” That’s what i fucking say lol were no longer crying over these niggas or bitches Nahhhh bruh! & if you are then you need to keep reading my friend.

First things first! GET OUT YOUR FEELINGS. If it’s not about getting that bag up then kick that mf to the door. Tell ‘em go back to mommie house lol Wipe them mfs tears away we don’t need them right now lol Don’t let anyone get you side track from what you want to do & where you want to go. From my own personal experience, you get so hooked on pleasing your loved one that you forget wtf your focus is on & you get side tracked. FUCK THAT! Always remember where you want to go in life. Stop wasting your time, okay ..... Im not talking about the people who are in good relationships, y’all good, I’m talking about the ones who KNOW they relationship damn near over but don’t want to do anything about it & they still dealing with the same bull shit. YOUR WASTING YOUR TIMEEE! Boss up. The best revenge is SUCCESS, not keying cars, bleaching clothes, cutting up Jordans lol strictly SUCCESS! Your ex nigga or ex bitch will Cringe when they see you doing better. Get your mind right, clear those negative thoughts out your head, do some meditation, hell take yourself out on a date, workout & prepare to get back in the mindset you had before you were in the fuckery.

Set a plan

Get them feelings out. Yes your going to cry, yes your going to reminisce you might even go crazy a bit but that’s ok it’s normal were humans not robots lol Get through it. Literally after my 7year break up that’s all I thought about was him. It was so hard y’all fr but I had to find other activities that kept my mind off him. I kept myself so busy that’s after a while I didnt have time to think about the nigga.

Know your worth

Let me tell you if no one else has told you, YOU ARE A BAD ASS BITCH WHOS WORTH IT ALL!!!! Sis you are that mf bitch lol and you need to see it in yourself. I knew my worth that’s why I got THE FUCK, ASAP!

re-evaluate your life

Reset your goals. Break your goals down into smaller steps. It will help you get to where you need to get, at your own pace. You know your time & what you need to get done. Don’t let anyone stop you from completing your goals. If your not going to do it for yourself no one will But we all knew that.

Take your time

Be comfortable with being alone and find yourself again. This is something that was hard for me. Being with a person for 7years day in and day out all the time then being completely by myself was a damn trip. I’m not gone lie I wanted to have a nigga over almost every night ( when the kids were away) just to fill that void of loneliness. But instead I enjoyed being by myself, it made me think more and be more comfortable with myself. Also it gave me time to forgive my ex and shit myself as well because I was far from perfect. I allowed my heart to be more open to new possibilities & capable of feeling loved again. But I had to love myself first. I had to find who I was again. It took a while but ya girl found her mf self & more.

That was my motivation spill for today. Until next time, CHIO!