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Last one out the bunch!

Hey Trappers! STORY TIMMMMEEEEE. So Monday September 14th 8:45am I went in for my weekly prenatal check up. The nurse took my blood pressure and then asked me, “hey do you feel any head pains or have any swelling?” I responded and told her no and she goes, “well your blood pressure is sky high, 178/110” I’m like damn for real because I feel fine. So my OBGYN came in the room and said “Welp looks like we’re having the baby today” y’all when he said that I just looked at Da’Von and smiled my ass off. He let us go home to pack our bag then we had to head up to Dupont Hospital.


We got checked in and settled into our room where they had me sterilize my whole body and get into a gown. They did my vitals, IV, Covid test and they asked me a bunch of questions. I was nervous af because one, I hate needles especially getting a IV but it wasn’t that bad I had a good nurse who knew what she was doing. And two I’ve never did a Covid test so that shit kind of hurt lol I felt like a piece of my brain was missing.


They took me to the procedure room. Yall that shit looked scary af. I damn near didn’t want to go in there, I wanted to say fuck that I’ll have the baby at home lol but reality hit me like girl your blood pressure too damn high, gone fuck around and have a stroke! The nurse must have seen my face because she told me it will be okay. They had me sit on the edge of the c section bed so they could do my spinal tap. That wasn’t too bad, felt like a bee sting. Before I knew it I started feeling my legs get tingly and then numb and eventually I couldnt feel them mfs at all lol. By this time I’m laying on the c section bed thinking my ass gone fall the hell off lol they tie my arms down which had me like wtf y’all on. Lol then they put a sheet covering my chest so I couldn’t see what was going on. ( I’m a type of person who likes to watch things being done to me or I’ll freak out) They call Da’Von in the room to stand by my side. They must have put something in my IV because I was feeling a little loop. Everything seemed like it was slow mo but moving fast at the same time. I hear the doctor and nurses doing all these counts and naming off tools. I look at Da’Von he looked lost af too lol Before i knew it I felt this big ass TUG. The pressure was horrible. You can literally feel the pulling and touching but the crazy thing is that it don’t hurt at all. Da’Von ended up tapping me telling me how nasty it looked lol then he told me how Giovonni hand was sticking up lol I was thinking yassssss this almost over.


Happy Birthday Giovonni!!! My baby boy came into the world 5lbs 10oz. He barely cried instead he just looked at everyone like who tf are y’all lol I didn’t get to actually hold him until I went into the recovery room. He was so little and cute. He‘s a perfect mixture of his dad and I. ( Most, will say he look like his daddy)

4:30ish 5pm