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Everyone wants happiness.

Whats up my Glow Beautiez!

New Years is tomorrow. I'm so ready for 2020 I'm not gone lie. 2019 was a damn mess but I am very grateful for it because of what I had experienced, the loses, the gains all that. 2019 I wasn't my happiest. 2020 I really want to work on staying positive and remaining happy. I know striving to be happy/ positive all the time isn't a realistic goal but I would like for it to out weigh the negative. Generally Im a positive person, but I still experience moments of negative obstacles, where I fear it causes my negative mindset and causes me to think more negatively and that causes me to think im failing at life. Do yall get my drift? And sometimes I try to force myself to think more positive which strangely makes it worse. What I want to do now is just accept my situation whether its positive or negative. I want to be one with my emotions. I think that's mainly my problem, I don't know if that's just us Gemini's but I cant accept shit lol I have a hard time accepting things for how they are.

What I want to focus on instead?

HEALTHY MINDSET! Now its so many different meanings of "healthy" but I want to focus more on Awareness and Growth. I feel it encourages you to uplift your mindset without pushing away the extra stuff. It helps understand whats going on within you and identify ways that you can keep moving forward. Bring awareness to what you are thinking. Learn to be aware without JUDGING yourself for how you think. Accept the thoughts you have and continue to move forward.

Growth is a plus. I read a book once I forgot what the book was called but I will never forget I read that some people have fixed mindsets and others have a growth mindset. Basically those with fixed mindsets believes that they are born the way they are and there's no better option. Where as a growth mindset believes that things can always be learned. With growth mindsets you ask yourself how you can improve and move on from negative experiences. Rather than trying to force it into a positive experience. We are all human and I know we can all fall in that deep, dark, and intense thoughts. Don't be scared to dig deep and see what you can learn from them.

I hope this post makes you think outside the box and recognize that you don't always need to strive for positivity. Think of a healthy mindset as a ultimate goal because it encourages positively through growth and awareness. Until next time Beautiez, Chio!