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You can take them anywhere!

Whats up Glow Beautiez!

Today is #SelfCareSunday! I want to start this #SelfCareSunday every Sunday giving you guys little skincare regiments. As you all should know I like to make my own products naturally. Today Ill be making facial wipes. If your lazy like me and dont like to waste time standing over the sink washing your face over and over this would be great for you. Or if your out and you feel your face needs a little cleanse this product would be good for you. Facial wipes are great for cleansing your face. Ive tried the store brought facial wipes but it tends to do more damage to my face than helping my face and they always have unwanted ass ingredients in them. So I decided to become the make believe chemist that I am, and made my own using all natural products that's great for my face. These wipes come in handy when I want to instantly cleanse my skin and keep it from clogging. I swear these wipes leave my face clean and clear.


Ive made facial wipes plenty of times. I always switch up the recipes because its so many natural oils that's good for my face and I cant do all at once lol. Ill give you guys 3 different ways that I make them.

Easy & quick


Witch Hazel: Has anti-microbial and it sanitize properties. Basically it keeps your pores unclogged and prevents acne.

Rose Water: Cleanse skin, prevents shine and adds that glow! (i make my own rose water, but yall knew that)


Distilled Water: Better than using tap water and it dissolves impurities on the skin.

Liquid Castle soap: ( Any bronners of your choice I use the rose one)