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Don't go broke trying to buy gifts.

Hey Glow Beautiez! Do it feel like Christmas to yall? As a broke ass bihh that I am lol, Christmas time can be quit a financial struggle. Last year I didnt get anyone a gift (except my kids barely got they asses anything) because I was broke af Im not gone lie. Bills came first! This year I did not want it to be like last year. I wanted to make sure I got everyone that's close to me a gift. I had to manage my finances so I could still pay my bills and have money left over to buy gifts. These are some of my little tips that really helped me this Christmas. This post is short and simply btw!


Ive been using this app called Monzo for the last 4 months. And so far I like it. Its been amazing for keeping track of my spending. Yall know me, I like to spend money like its my job. I set a budget at the start of each month, and I can see what category I'm spending too much money on. 9 times out of 10 its on food, diapers and gas!


Yall when I say I had to really sit the fuck down and plan how much I wanted to spend and what I was going to get folks, I literally had to get it together BEFORE I went to the store. lol I had to consider the maximum amount I wanted to spend. I started off buy writing a list of things I wanted to get and then price match to see who had the lowest prices and what was on sale.


When it comes to gifts try to shop ahead of time instead of last min shopping. I noticed that the prices go up more when it hit December. So its better to get things in November, especially for Black Friday because everything be on sale and cyber Monday because then sales be lit af.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope these tips were useful especially if you a broke bihh like me lol. It will get better my broke sistas I promise lol. Let me know what you think and if you have any other tips and tricks that would work don't be scared to say something lol Until next time beautiez, Chio!