What other way to get in the xmas mood? Movies, duhhhh!

Hey Glow Beautiez, Christmas is TOMORROW yall. And it doesn't feel like it. Here in Indiana we have no snow, which im totally not complaining about it, so this might be the best xmas ever!!!! Ive been getting in the holiday mood by watching xmas movies! I wanted to share with you some of my top favs and a few clips!


Yall this is my top top top fav! This movie is funny af. Sober or not. I be ROLLING! You cant go wrong with this movie AT ALL! Here's one of my favorite parts, well I like them all but shit I really think this part is funny.


This is a all time classic. I will never get tired of watching this movie. I remember growing up watching this on tv. Literally it came on back to back to back to back around Christmas time, so I was damn near forced to like it lol


So childish I know I know lol The movie Elf just gets me in the Christmas mood. Great for kids and adults to enjoy. And yall know Will Ferrell is funny in anything he plays.


If your black and you never seen this movie please throw away your black card right the fuck now. Like Now..... I love this movie. Ive seen it so much that its funny af to me. I couldnt find the clip of my favorite part in the movie but if you know lmfao YOU KNOW. Let me give y’all a hint, “I GOT THE BIIIIIKKKKKEEEE” lmfao


I think everyone should see this movie. This movie had me in tears. Its like any other black family holiday! Aunt May (Mo'Nique) had me weak af.

Well there you have it Beautiez! Whats your favorite Xmas movies? Until next time, Chio!

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